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      Super-orthogonal double space-time trellis code

      Tubail, Mohammed A.; Abu-Hudrouss, Ammar M.; El Astal, Mohammed (Elsevier BV, 2020)
      This study develops a new class of super-orthogonal trellis codes for four transmit antennas based on double space-time codes. The transmit antennas are divided into two groups, each having two transmit antennas. The ...
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      The role of Palestinian universities in promoting women's rights

      نجم, منور; اسليم, ليلى (الجامعة الإسلامية, 2017)
      The study aimed to know the role of Palestinian universities in promoting women's rights. To reveal the presence of statistically significant differences between the averages of the sample’s estimate of the role of Palestinian ...
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      The training needs of primary school teachers in UNRWA schools in the Gaza governorates

      نجم, منور عدنان; أبو دية, دينا موسى (الجامعة الإسلامية, 2020-01)
      This study aimed at identifying the training needs for first grade teachers in UNRWA schools in Gaza governorates. It also aimed at examining if there are statistically significant differences at the level of (α≤0.05) ...
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      A Proposed Strategy to Achieve theCompetitive Advantage in the Palestinian Universities

      Qeshta, Amal Nabil; Najim, Munawwar Adnan (, 2020-02-14)
      The study aimed at presenting a proposed strategy to achieve a competitive advantage in the Palestinian universities. The researchers used a focus group as a study tool which included some faculty members from three ...
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      Environmental awareness in handling and application of pesticides in Rafah Governorate - Gaza Strip

      Abd Rabou, Abdel Fattah N.; AL Agha, Mohammad R (1998-06-27)
      Pesticides are used to protect crops from pests and diseases. Several cases of death were reported and proved among farmers in the Gaza Strip as a result of use and mis-use of pesticides. Awareness of farmers in the Rafah ...
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      Environmental health risks to farmers as a result of pesticides’ mismanagement in Khanyounis Governorate - Gaza Strip

      Abd Rabou, Abdel Fattah N.; AL Agha, Mohammad R; Baroud, Naeem S (2005)
      Several poisoning and death cases were reported in Khanyounis Governorate as a result of mis-use and mishandling of pesticides. Carcinogenic and internationally banned pesticides are still available in the markets in ...
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      Aspects of inhabitants' ecological knowledge on Wadi Gaza

      Abd Rabou, Abdel Fattah; AL Agha, Mohammad R; Yassin, Maged M.; Hamad, Dawi M.; Ali, Abdel Karim S.; Saleh, Ahmed (Palestine Polytechnic University - Hebron, 2007-05-09)
      Wadi Gaza with its wetland is a unique ecosystem in Palestine, having historical, aesthetic values and harboring a diversity of wildlife species concerning fauna and flora, thus it was declared as a Nature Reserve in 2000. ...
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      The Zionist siege and its environmental consequences in the Gaza Strip

      عبد ربه, عبد الفتاح (الجامعة الإسلامية بغزة _ كلية الآداب, 2019-05-17)
      Since June 2007, the Zionist entity has imposed a complete and total siege on the Gaza Strip, which has a population of about 1.5 million. Since the beginning of 2008, the siege has tighted to the detriment and suffering ...
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      The environmental tragedy of Wadi Gaza after 60 years on the Palestine Nakba

      عبد ربه, عبد الفتاح; أبو ضاهر, كامل (الجامعة الإسلامية بغزة _ كلية الآداب, 2009-05-17)
      Wadi Gaza is one of the surface freshwater resources in Palestine. During the ancient era, many civilizations were established on its banks and neighboring areas. Since the Palestine Nakbah in 1948, Wadi Gaza was a place ...
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      On the benefits provided by the wetland ecosystem of Wadi Gaza – Gaza Strip

      Abd Rabou, Abdel Fattah N.; Yassin, Maged M.; AL Agha, Mohammad R; Fayyad, Nedal A.; Al-Zain, Bassam F.; Ali, Abdel Karim S.; Hamad, Dawi M. (الجامعة الإسلامية بغزة _ كلية الهندسة, 2007-09-04)
      The wetland ecosystem of Wadi Gaza in the Gaza Strip faces subsequent destruction threatening its ecological integrity and sustainability. This study comes to survey the various benefits provided by the wetland ecosystem ...
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      Threats facing the marine environment and fishing in the Gaza Strip: Field and literature study

      Abd Rabou, Abdel Fattah N.; Yassin, Maged M.; Saqr, Tariq; Madi, Abdel Naser; EL Mabhouh, Fayez A; Abu Nada, Fatima; Al-Masri, Al-Masri; Doulah, Mohammed; Al-Haj Ahmad, Mohammed (الجامعة الإسلامية بغزة _ كلية الهندسة, 2007-09-04)
      The importance of marine resources in the Gaza Strip stems from the fact that it represents a significant source of animal protein to the Palestinians and as a source of income to the fishery sector which covers more than ...
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      Wadi Gaza Nature Reserve and its importance to cultural heritage and ecotourism: A review and field study

      Abd Rabou, Abdel Fattah N.; Muhaisen, Ahmed S. (مركز عمارة التراث و قسم الھندسة المعماریة-كلیة الھندسة- الجامعة الإسلامیة بغزة- فلسطین, 2008-04-23)
      Palestine is the heart of ancient and modern civilizations. The density of historical and cultural resources in Palestine is unprecedented and exceptional. Along the Palestinian history, these resources have been subjected ...
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      Threats facing the archaeological sites and buildings in the Gaza Strip - Palestine

      Abd Rabou, Abdel Fattah N. (الجامعة الإسلامية بغزة _ كلية الهندسة, 2019-04-24)
      The archaeological sites and buildings of the Gaza Strip (365 km2) are subject to great threats that undermine their nature, history and sustainability and may destroy them completely. The present study aims at recording ...
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      Scientific Research in Marine Environment & Fishery Resources in Gaza Strip - Palestine

      Abd Rabou, Abdel Fattah N. (الجامعة الإسلامية بغزة _ عمادة البحث العلمي, 2013-03-25)
      Scientific research has a great importance in the areas of development and sustainable development pursued by the international scientific parties. Scientific researches on seas and oceans and their ...
    • Enhancement of the performance of dye-sensitized solar cells using sensitized zinc oxide nanoparticles by rhodamine B dye

      Musleh, H.; Zayed, H.; Shaat, Samy K.; Al-Kahlout, Amal; Tamous, H.; Issa, A.; Asad, J.; AlDahoudi, Naji M. (Egypts Presidential Specialized Council for Education and Scientific Research, 2019-07)
      In the present work, ZnO nanoparticles were synthesized via a simple wet chemical (hydrothermal) technique using zinc acetate dihydrate (Zn(CH3COO)2.2H2O) as a row material dissolved into absolute methanol and aqueous NaOH ...
    • Perovskite solar cells free of hole transport layer

      Al Dahoudi, N.; Asad, J.; Shaat, Samy K.; Musleh, H.; Shurrab, N.; Issa, A.; Lahmar, Abelilah; Al-Kahlout, Amal; AlDahoudi, Naji M. (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019-04-06)
      In this work, easy and simple structured perovskite solar cells (PSCs) are designed and characterized. Our effort was to reduce the cost of the fabrication of such PSC devices, first by using an inexpensive starting precursor ...
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      Modeling the Effect of Electromagnetic Waves Produced by Mobile Phone Base Station on human body Tissue

      El-Khozondar, Hala J.; Shabat, Mohammed M.; Elwasife, khitam; Mohamed-Osman, abdelrahman (2010-10)
      In this work, we studied the effect of electromagnetic radiation produced from mobile phone at 900 MHz frequency on the human body tissues. We modeled human body tissue by four layered system to represent skin-fat-muscles-organs ...
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      TE electromagnetic waveguide in a ferrite layered –structures

      Elwasife, khitam; Shabat, Mohammed M.; Yassin, Samir S. (2004-10-31)
      Characteristics of TE electromagnetic surface waves propagating in a nonlinear dielectric film bounded by a ferrite cover are examined theoretically. A dispersion relation based on Jacobian Elliptic Functions is derived, ...
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      Integrating Bat Algorithm to Inverse Weighted K-means

      Alhanjouri, Mohammed A.; Alghoul, Ahmed (Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Engineering and Sciences Publication - BEIESP, 2019-07-30)
      Inverse Weighted K-means less sensitive to poorinitialization than the traditionalK-means algorithm. Therefore, this paper introduce a new hybrid algorithm that integrates inverse weighted k-means algorithm ...
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      Abualtayef, Mazen; Abu Foul, Ahmed M; Abd Rabou, Abdel Fattah N.; Matar, Omar; Ghabayen, Said; Seif, Ahmed (2013-02-23)
      Coastal erosion is an ongoing hazard affecting Gaza beach, but is worsening due to a wide range of human activities such as the construction of Gaza fishing harbor in 1994-1998. The net annual alongshore sediment transport ...